final destination

  1. ORDER_66

    The last Ultimate Aston Martin...ever??? Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate V12 759HP

    Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate Debuts: 759-HP Farewell To The V12 Flagship
  2. Hathaway

    Can We Talk About The Opening Pile-up Scene To Final Destination 2

    We're watching this classic right now, the last good movie in the franchise to me. This scene was fukking crazy :heh: Everybody driving on that highway was on some scumbag shyt. The main character and her crew were smoking weed with a state trooper behind them. One of the other characters was...
  3. White City Black

    Final Destination 6 forthcoming

    On the end of me just now watching the 5th joint :wow: Final Destination 6 Is Happening at HBO Max with Spider-Man: No Way Home Director
  4. 987654321

    Breaking: Old man decimated by falling cat, “loyal” dog attempts to play with assassin...

    *I have no idea what the explanation is for this shyt. ** #dogset lookin bad outchea ***It’s only so long fake thugs can pretend
  5. Tiffrock

    4 year old unattended on a busy road

    Cherokee drivers swerve around 4-year-old girl walking down busy road
  6. HopeKillCure

    Chinese Breh Dies Twice

    :damn:....:huhldup: :to: