final fantasy

  1. Versace Joffrey

    Finest chicks from Final Fantasy?

    I got to give it my girl Fran the Viera and her band of PABGs(Phat Ass Black Girls) :wow::wow: Who y’all got?
  2. Versace Joffrey

    Final Fantasy brehs, have y’all seen the Kingsglaive movie?

    God damn the animations on this is just :wow: It’s based on what happens before Noctis started his journey in ffxv
  3. Soymuscle Mike

    Astria Ascending - new JRPG piff (consoles + pc)

    This shyt right here looks gorgeous :wow:
  4. Supercoolmayo

    Kingdom hearts: Melody of Memory (Rhythm game) Nov. 13th Sw/ps4/xb1

    Feature: Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory devs lift the curtain on the series's Switch debut Trailer:
  5. Brer Dog

    Deontay Wilder out here looking like a Final Boss

    Timestamped He even had the music :dead:
  6. Wiles


    :blessed: Day one Cop :wow:
  7. O.T.I.S.

    Meet Hans Zimmer's favorite cello soloist, Tina Guo

    @stomachlines , Get yo ass in here now :damn: TINA GUO "Tina Guo is the cello soloist on the scores of Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2, Clash of the Titans, Red Riding Hood, Abduction, Olympus Has Fallen, Escape Plan, CSI:NY, Vikings, The Borgias, Sleepy Hollow, Iron Chef...
  8. NYCDaFuture

    Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough/Tips

    Just got the game, will be recording videos and have it on deck once the embargo is lifted. Will be posting tips etc also. Subscribe,like and comment and share. Also if anyone else on here plays Final Fantasy games or this new one soon then post your tips, videos etc also...
  9. Archangel

    Spin: If You Could Live in Any Video Game World.....

    Got this idea from @Gator Reloaded . If you could live in any video game world, which one would you choose? I'd choose the Mass Effect Universe: The Citadel :whoo: Ilium :gladbron: Asari Homeworld Thessia:whew: Salarian Homeworld Sur'Kesh :leon: Beautiful Asari :to: Many...
  10. itsyoung!!

    No Pax Thread?

    Main Stage: 2nd Stage (currently talking about new Final Fantasy game with Square Enix): Final Fantasy XV:
  11. Leasy

    Gamescom 2015

    Official Site gamescom | Trade fair for interactive games and entertainment Xbox Official Site for Gamescom Xbox @ gamescom 2015 | Xbox Sony will not hold a Gamescom Conference Sony Will Not Hold a Gamescom Press Conference in 2015 - IGN Sony Floor Plans EA Microsoft Take Two...
  12. NatiboyB

    Final fantasy 14 PS4

    Any of the coli brehs feeling this I'm thinking about copping this.
  13. BlvdBrawler

    I really wanna **** a cosplay chick

    Brehs.... Rikku From Final Fantasy Cosplay Photos | Too Cool 2 Be True I'd make her wear the whole getup just lift up that skirt and go OVERDRIVE on that p*ssy! :shaq: