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  1. Roland Coltrane

    Xmas Day Colorism Cage Match Battle Royale i.e. Paper Bag Slam-Vanessa Williams vs Vanity

    1st off, Merry Christmas :salute: @Kang The Conqueror has some consistently entertaining Babe Battle posts and this is one that I've been thinking about a couple weeks I'm thinking this should be a good one :mjgrin: I lowkey can't choose :ehh: so without further ado, who you got? Vanity or...
  2. Roland Coltrane


    Mods delete
  3. M

    Sean Kingston's sister motivates me to be a better man

    I just wanna put a ring on her finger & spoil her for eternity:wow:
  4. SheWantTheD

    Lianne La Havas Is Prototypical Wifey! :wow:

    If I met a woman that looked like her and she was everything I sought for in a woman, I would cuff her with the quickness and never look back!