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    G Perico - 2 tha Left (Discussion Thread)

    He announced it on IG. Stay tuned.
  2. Chris Cool

    Cuz Lightyear (fka SL Jones) ft G-Perico - Recognize music video

  3. LevelUp

    G Perico Takes Offense To Jim Jones "Crab " Video; Lil Eazy, Vince Staples & BG Knocc Out Chimes In

    It feels like just about everyone’s a huge fan of Jim Jones‘ recently uploaded crab video, which went viral within a matter of minutes. Everyone except G Perico, that is. Recently, the California rapper clapped back at Jones for the video, which finds Jones poking fun at the Crips, a storied...

    Singles G-Perico - Tha InnerPrize 2 (Older G Mixtape)

    @Deltron @OnlyInCalifornia @IronFist @getmoney310cpt
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    G-Perico on Friend Turning Informant, 72 Friends Indicted, Informants vs Snitches, Nipsey Hussle +

    West Coast rapper G-Perico opened up about what it was like watching 72 of his friends get swept up in an indictment a couple of years ago. While he wasn't involved in the indictment, G-Perico reveals that he saw a lot of his friends turn into informants, including one whom he trusted with...