1. IWasntMadeToPlayTheSon

    Why isn’t there a sports gambling thread stickied in the coli???

    Anyways Russ hears the slander Broncos o 10 pts first half Jeudy o 21.5 longest catch Broncos score first +140 Mike Williams under 69.5 Alt line broncos -3 +265 Post em
  2. Mjlol Poker Table

    Mjlol Poker Table

  3. 93 til

    Charles Barkley: "I wanna be dead broke when I keel over"

    "...I don't wanna leave all that money to my freeloading family" :dead:
  4. ReturnOfJudah

    Todd Day stomped out Cliff Robinson over bread? (NBA fights)

    Randy Livingston no longer hides his story of gambling addiction ^^ Full article
  5. D

    Where Coli Going In This Scenario? Arcade or Casino?

    Seen this earlier on Twitter....Street food right outside the arcade for dirt cheap while already drunk and just use the credit to play cheap games :ehh:But if you nice enough you could flip that 100 into at least $500 at the craps table :wow:......decisions. Fun night either way :pachaha:
  6. DatLBCGuy562

    Would You Take This Bet?

    You have 15 chances to score on a prime Michael Jordan. If you succeed and score just once, you get $10 million dollars, tax free. If you fail, you can never hear music or fukk a woman again. You taking your chance?:jbhmm: Prime Mike? One of the top 3 perimeter defenders in NBA history? I’m not...
  7. Anerdyblackguy

    8 Goons, 3 Cars, 80 shots in broad daylight?..... Harpo what this cac do?

    :dahell: What could he have done to piss them off like that?
  8. GPBear

    Pacman Jones Arrested, faces 7 charges, 3 felonies

    :picard: “February 28, 2019: Former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been released from jail following an incident at an Indiana casino...
  9. JuRen15

    Do you or someone you know have REAL gambling problems?

    So my mother in-law is a nurse, makes good money, but she lives check to check all because she gambles and loses. Its like clock work, the week she gets paid, shes asking us if we need anything and always wanting to go out to eat. By the weekend she aint picking up the phone and we dont hear...
  10. Razor Reader

    FBI training from the 60s- How to spot a Gambling operation..

  11. Kalik

    Any proGamblers (Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Horses, Sports) on here...

    Im pretty good with card games. Always wanted to start gambling as a hustle... yeah thats risky. Anyone ever achieve that on Coli? Not tryna get rich.. but people be flipping $500 to $1000 every week Or more, in a few hours at local Casino. Then of course some suckers lose their check, and...
  12. iFightSeagullsForBread

    Youtube gamer is outted for endorsing gambling site that he owns [Video]

    Basically this big youtuber is promoting a gambling site to his users without disclosing that he's actually the fukking owner of the site.