geechi gotti

  1. young yeesh

    URLTV’s Night Of Main Events XI (NOME 11) | June 12 @ 6 pm ET on Caffeine

    URL also created a day 2 event to push those other battles. They must’ve realized 9 battles is too much T Top vs Swamp is cancelled
  2. B

    G.O.D - Loaded Lux Diss B Dot, Geechi, DNA, JC

    B Dot Response Chilla Jones Response
  3. young yeesh

    Geechi Gotti & BDOT vs Marv Won & Quest McCody :: #Chronicle Shots Fired Rap Battle

  4. young yeesh

    JC vs. GEECHI GOTTI || Born Legacy Supreme 2 || URLTV

  5. KingsOfKings

    Singles GEECHI GOTTI - "HOW IT GOES" Video

  6. young yeesh


    East vs West Card + Drugz vs. Stuey Newton Personal Predictions: Nitty 2-1 over Brizz Geechi 30’s Tech and gets Champion of the Night Danny Myers 2-1 over a slacking Twork B Dot 2-1 possibly 30 over Mike P Young Kannon 30 arguably 2-1 over Pass Emerson Kennedy 2-1 clear over Saga Drugz 2-1...