gentrification fail

  1. xoxodede

    When Attempting Gentrification Goes Wrong

    Last year, while visiting back home I was at one of my families rentals cleaning up -- when I noticed the house across the street looking extremely different -- in a good way. While taking trash out - I saw a White man coming out the house walking over to me - which was weird -- cause in all...
  2. Rhapscallion Démone

    How gentrification should be handled

  3. Reginald Noble

    Loud Ass Neighbor Next Door is Moving Out - Free Daps

    Ohio Transplant CAC bytch that slams the heavy ass door and rocks the whole floor every time she comes in and out of her apartment is moving out this weekend :blessed: Hopefully she isn't replaced with someone even worse :patrice: Free daps, no reps available obviously because gays on this...