1. Whips-n-Chains

    Which version of "Ghost Deini" is better? Album Version vs. Alternate Version (Ruthless b*stards Piano Loop Beat)

    or Both are serious heat...but the Album version (US Album at least) is such an incredible beat, it has to get my vote. US album version might be my fav song off SC, and I don't think all the samples have even been discovered yet. Where tf did those chimes come from? :banderas: Just...
  2. K

    MMA References in Hip-Hop (video)

    This is my first video so I'm not all the way there yet in terms budget/quality/time but I'm excited to share this with you guys
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Shout out to all the vets late in their careers dropping quality....

    Just shouting out a lot of guys, specifically nearing 40 or 40+. I'm not including any of the GxFR dudes cause even though they're approaching that age, they've only been on radar since maybe 2015. Whether it's their flow not falling off, flow only marginally changing, and/or keeping a good ear...
  4. Playaz Eyez

    Charli Baltimore & Ghostface being all over each other appreciation

    I never knew if they were involved with each other or whether that was just excellent on set chemistry, but they looked like they had dated or something :lolbron: The song was dope as hell though, a live ass beat from RZA, prime GFK, and Chari showing that she could hang and not look out of...
  5. Playaz Eyez

    Albums Did Anybody Have This Wu Album?

    Was looking through one of my cd cases for an older but recently bought Three 6 Mafia album, but came across this Wu-Tang Legendary Weapons compilation, and totally forgot I even had it. For y'all that had it or listened to it, what did y'all think about it?