1. trap101

    Singles - Stormz with another banger...

    Man got Jose in the ting... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  2. Rozay Oro

    Slamass to Nas beats bruvs & birds

  3. Mufasa Ahadi

    Headie One - EDNA (Discussion Thread)

    EDNA by Headie One Headie One - EDNA
  4. REAL6

    Dizzee Rascal - Space (Official Video)

  5. Unknown Poster

    Albums New album from me. "Code Language" (Update:on iTunes Spotify JUNO DOWNLOAD Beatport Clone & More!)

    14 new tracks. Went in on this. @Afro @TEKBEATZ @Grizzly @R$G META @Uncle Grime. @Soundbwoy @DrX @Howie Doroughberg @frush11 @Supreme @muzikfrk75 @THE 101 @daze23 @Big Mel @Awesome Wells @Abstract83 @WickedGames @hood b. goode @Theraflu @FmrToken @Yoda @Tetris v2.0 @hex @hustlemania...
  6. iFightSeagullsForBread

    I'm only listening to Grime in 2017

    :dame: you bruvs need to get on this. mush betta than what we bumpin' in the fookin' streets, eh
  7. Unknown Poster

    I'd like to present the tunnel with all of my tracks and projects from 2016.

    From this month. From July From June From May: From April: From March: From February
  8. N

    I think Grime could blow up once they get good beats

    Sorry UK brehs, those grime beats are :scust: Once they get off those video game sounding terrible drums having corny shyt they'll be taken seriously I think the flows are actually cool but man most of those beats are straight :trash: And now that they're trying to ride the southern wave its...
  9. L

    UK Brehs I just finished Top Boy (Season 1 and 2). Is there anything similar you'd recommend?

    See title
  10. Bars4TheCause

    Zeph Ellis - "PXWXRS" feat. Dot Rotten

    Dot's back :blessed:
  11. Bars4TheCause

    Dapz On The Map - "Murdah"

  12. M

    Official The Official Grime/UK Rap/UK Drill Thread

    2020 edit changed the thread topic title, this thread will be now be more about the uk music scene instead of just grime. "Grime" Grime, also known as 8-bar, sublow and eskibeat, is a style of British music that emerged in Bow, East London. It was developed by teens of mostly African and...