1. T.he I.nformant

    GSW HOFers Since 2015, Over/Under 3.5

    Steph changed the way game is played. He’s in. KD might be top 10 when his career’s over. He’s in. Klay is one of the greatest shooters of all time. While he’s limited in creating scoring opportunities for others and sometimes creating his own shot ultimately I think it’s a no-brainer he gets...
  2. O.T.I.S.

    The King of voiceovers is back: Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Mic'd up - Itsreal85

  3. M

    LOL @ KDs reaction when ppl mention the 2016 WCF(video)

    I don't understand why dude seems so uncomfortable with his decision still. He got his ring
  4. Draymond


  5. Malik1time

    Stephen A Smith "GSW will win this series" Cavs fans rejoice!

    @Big Boss :mjgrin: looks like Cavs will win:mjgrin: Will the jinx continue:patrice:
  6. Trapperman Dave

    KD or Russ who will have more 50 point games

    I meant to make this thread prior to the season starting but fukk it. So who will have more 50 point games? Russ is in YOLO Rambo mode and everything starts with him while KD will likely get mismatches and be able to get some decent looks. Warriors might not be able to run teams out the gym...
  7. idonttouchgrass

    The Warriors Bench

    I've seen a lot of posts on the Warriors bench since the Signing of Durant (mainly about how it has gotten weaker). I don't think that it has, because of the quality of players lost, was high. Barbosa Brandon Rush Ezeli Speights With the exception of maybe Barbosa, these are guys you don't...
  8. NYCDaFuture

    #OnlineNationRadio Tonight 6pm Est 646 787 1972 Discuss KD Decision etc

    Yup everyone knows we discuss NBA 2K News and basketball every Monday Nights. But tonight should be special once again.. What do yall think of the decision? 6pm tonight Eastern Time. 646 787 1972 All of yall bums if yall lose with GSW on 2K17 to my Lakers or Knicks lmaoo.. #OnlineNationRadio
  9. Randoug

    5,000 daps and GSW about to get that work by LeGoat..Free Daps and Reps Thread

    LeGoat needs to win one for Believeland and end the endless drought of a dying city :mjcry:
  10. The American

    Sign in here if you plan on watching every single NBA playoff game [Schedule in OP]

    This will be like the no fap contest. If you miss a game, let us know that you're out. Whoever watches every single game wins. CHRONOLOGICAL SCHEDULE Game 1 -- Sat. April 16, Indiana at Toronto, 12:30 p.m. , ESPN Game 1 -- Sat. April 16, Houston at Golden State, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R Game 1 --...
  11. Kovu

    SPURS GOT EXPOSED!!! Free Daps + Reps

    :blessed: GSW: 112 Spurs: 101 70-9. #WATTBA
  12. The American

    15-1 in the playoffs is a harder record to break than 72-10 in the regular season.

    It's hard af to win more than 72 games in the regular season, no doubt. But part of why the record stands for 20 years is because there is no incentive to break it anyway. Once you earn home court advantage throughout the playoffs, winning games is no longer important. No one gives a fukk...
  13. FAH1223

    NBA Champion Golden State Warriors at the White House

  14. Tim Dripcan

    Is Draymond Green An All-Star?

    i don't see DMG as an allstar when he's thriving in GSW system.
  15. HearNoEvil

    Charles Barkley Lost :laff:

    Just look at this nikka's face! :laff: :laff: :laff:
  16. itsyoung!!

    Luke Walton becomes Warriors interim head coach

    :skip: is that a title you thought you'd ever see, Luke fukking Walton head coaching the defending NBA world champions :skip: Steve Kerr out with back surgery, link coming soon. edit: Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr to Take a Leave of Absence to Focus on Back Rehab