1. Rhapture

    H&M tried to sell us jeans through Shakespeare, Dreamgirls, Mary J Blige and police brutality

    Ol boy probably could've survived being shot if She called 911 instead of sangin in his face. Then again she got shot too :mjcry:
  2. ORDER_66

    I guess South Africa had enough of Trump and H&M's shyt...:mjlol:

    Protesters aligned with the EFF party in South Africa have smashed up a H&M store in Johannesburg in response to the company's advert showing a black boy in a hoodie with the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle". :strange2::PantherBless2::salutenas: just in time for black history...
  3. RARI_Godwind

    H&M Stan gets run down by blackowned business

    :mjlol: Some of you coli breh need to get tossed just like that #NewYorkIsaNationality tho :ehh: kinda fukk with it