hold this l

  1. DrexlersFade

    Detroit nikkas come hold this L are YOU fukking kidding me :TheGlove:

    The Detroit Lions haven’t won an NFL championship since 1957. In those 65 years, only 11 other NFL teams had been in existence back then. Needless to say, it’s been a very long time since Detroit reached the top of the football world. Now that longtime Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford plays...
  2. Amy Coney Barrett "L"

    Amy Coney Barrett "L"

  3. ❤Aԃɾιαɳα Rσȥαყ ❤

    Round 2 b!tch

    Yu thought I was done with yo ass, I took yu off ignore and yu was still talkin shyt so i just had to let it be known that i'ma terrorize yo ass till I get bored again.:yeshrug: How can yu possibly understand the struggle of being black in America when yu literally have it the easiest, a white...
  4. Hold this L

    Hold this L

    Hold this L
  5. dora_da_destroyer

    Molly Watr - 5 years later, still more losses :wow:

    maybe yall posted this, but this shyt made me laugh when i saw it @The Nigerian :mjlol:
  6. 23 Savage

    If you're an ugly black man with a baby dikk to boot, is your life destined to be one big L?

  7. Sauce Dab

    Xxxtentacion done took yet another L at one of his shows.... This time he's thrown into the wall

    CTE on the way :Holdthisformeplease:
  8. A187

    Fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife cheating with another penguin

  9. DarrynCobretti

    Looks like the NFL players are reacting & pissed they took a L , are speaking out to the NFLPA

    They took notice. :banderas:NFL players are reacting and releasing public statements. I can't even blame them for being lowkey tired of seeing every single NBA player basically hitting the lottery this offseason. It finally hit em... the moment when they realized that even a :drunk:Dan Snyder...