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    Eat. :ehh:
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    Men of the Coli... Would you sign a prenup?

    https://www.youtube.com/live/n5DEdWJIZgg?si=WLQ4IvIS8a6GdcOw Timestamp 1:04.00 Yall agree with Chad or Unc? :lupe: I dap everyone that responds :lupe:
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    To those who listen...

    Turn the Page by Ofeez Hope all are living in health. O
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    Yes or No?

    Is there anyone that you can say you truly hate? :jbhmm: Poll above. (Be honest) Happy Friday, brehs and brehettes!
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    Coli family feud!

    Top four answers are on the board! What is the worst thing you'd want to hear if somebody stopped your wedding because they had a reason why the man and/or wife deserved to to know why they took their peace to speak out (or how-ever it works for you crazy kiddos these days)?
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    Coli's own since 2012: Lego!

    Long story short, I recorded a bunch of music, and never really put it out. :ufdup: So, Im gonna get over my fears and just put it out. Working on finalizing some things but first up is 28 Grams. Here's a promo: Chase your dreams. #HOLGang #freeMeek S/O to Dusse
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    Check out the Podcast: #HOLGangRadio presents #theLife Ep1: Be Great

    Had this in #thevault So...I've been trying to get in this Podcast game, and while I appreciate @Yuffie and @James Carter and @LinusCaldwell, I wanted to spread the word on a Podcast I'm starting with my girl. We're polar opposites...we have honest, fun, dialogue while High Off Life, and above...