hollow da don

  1. Doomsday

    Ill Will Vs. Hollow Da Don

  2. ReasonableMatic

    Rewatch: Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don #HighStakes | UDUBB

    It's been 3years already brehs :wow: We gotta salute Lux & Hollow for blessing us with a classic and one of the GOAT battles :salute: >>> Vote who you nikkas got winning right now looking back at the battle <<< It would be dope to leave a comment who you had winning back then and who you have...
  3. KingsOfKings

    Hollow Da Don Explains His Battling Approach

    starts around 4:40
  4. Perpetual Beast

    Who bodied Lux worse? Hollow or Mook?

    . . . ...... ................ Imo i think Hollow did.....Hollow was just talking that shyt more and left Lux with not a whole lot to say.....line for line tho, there were just way more quotables from Hollow.....but, Mook finished the job on a bigger stage and when it...
  5. Brooklynzson

    Total Slaughter Live Discussion Thread (8pm EST)

    Click Here to Place your Bets If you missed the show all the episodes here: Official Road To Total Slaughter TV series thread
  6. Big Jo

    Official Road To Total Slaughter TV series thread

    Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Total Slaughter reality series debuts 6/19 at midnight on Fuse network DVR is set Gotta be the best mainstream look for battle rap culture yet. Let's discuss brehs
  7. Mook


    3-0 shyt WAS CRAZY nikka I cant get this work I got a criminal record.. HOLLOW :whew: :whew:
  8. FreshAIG

    UW: Loaded Lux vs. Hollow Da Don "Road of the Warrior" 24/7

  9. Brooklynzson

    UW Battle League: High Stakes PPV Giveaway

    CLICK HERE TO ENTER: UW Battle League: High Stakes PPV Giveaway This might be the biggest card in battle rap history, so its only right The Coli do a PPV giveaway ya'namsayin. One lucky winner will get to watch the High Stakes PPV for free ya'namsayin. The winner will automatically get a PM...
  10. Brooklynzson

    Hollow Da Don & John John Da Don just had a fight *Update: Hollow & TODD gonna battle*

  11. Brooklynzson

    Essential The Official Battle Rap Random Thoughts Thread (URL, KOTD, UW etc...)

    That Chi-Town card lookin cray Mainevent Big T vs. Charlie Clips Aye Verb vs. X Factor Young Miles vs Conceited Yung Ill vs. Cortez J.C. vs. Young Kannon John John Da Don vs. QP :noah: