1. valet

    White people aint the only one appropriating, HORSE walking around with sista braids, darn shame!

    We even gotta worry about the animal kingdom trying to look like us. Smh.
  2. Alix217

    Sick CAC Slapping Around a Malnourished Horse on the Streets of NYC

    shyt like this pisses me off... šŸ˜”
  3. Cuban Pete

    Chinese Baby Gets Kicked By A White Horse

    fukkery as advertised
  4. D

    #DogSet outchea taking Ls from #HorseSet :snoop:

  5. B

    Camronā€™s Pink Horse Power legit?

    I know itā€™s a ton of cats from New York on here but this thing is available world wide so has anyone tried it? If so is it the truth or just another sex marketing pill/juice that doesnā€™t really work?
  6. Joe Budden

    Megan Thee Stallion is wifey material. Boyfriend gives her 5 million dollar necklace.

    Black love :ehh:
  7. FaTaL

    Get VENEERS and look LIKE a HORSE, poor coli Breh

    Somebody should tell him you canā€™t go back :mjlol:
  8. cobra

    Even horses support BLM

  9. J

    Tour Horse Collapses During Ride Hilarity Ensues

    They ran my man to dehydration :whew: Cacette recording mad as fukk :mjlol:
  10. Luken

    I dont trust girls who are into horses....

    you know, a girl whos main hobby and interest is horses...she'll be at the stables on the weekend, taking selfies with her horse etc always given me a weird vibe.... I assume that they perform handjobs and suck the horse off when no one is looking :yeshrug:
  11. M


    Is this horse asking for a scratch or asking for something else??? :scust::patrice:
  12. M

    He's Wildin': Cleveland Cavs Fan Eats Horse Sh*t!

    I dont care if my city wins tha NBA Finals, Super Bowl, and World Series all back to back - I'm not eating horse shyt :scust::scust::scust::scust: