1. B

    Parents annoyed as pronouns law requires Indiana schools to report all nickname requests Parents annoyed as pronouns law requires Indiana schools to report all nickname requests Caroline BeckRachel Fradette Indianapolis...
  2. FAH1223

    Pacers May Target Jalen Brunson In Free Agency

  3. FAH1223

    Lottery Pick or Being Swept by the 76ers? Official Pacers (#9) @ Bullets (#8) Play-In (TNT, 8 PM)

    YOUR Washington Bullets just suffered one of the most embarassing postseason Ls in recent history! They let another CELTIC PLAYER GET 50 POINTS in a game in May. If you recall, the last one happened in May 2017. On Thursday, the final chance to clinch a playoff spot arrives with the Pacers...
  4. ThrobbingHood

    Black Physician Who Said She Was Mistreated Dies of COVID-19

    Please read the whole Twitter thread. We all know of the racism in the medical industry but the anecdotes in there are :hhh::picard::francis: Dr. Susan Moore was a Black physician who said she was mistreated at an Indiana hospital and died after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Others on social...
  5. GPBear

    Pacman Jones Arrested, faces 7 charges, 3 felonies

    :picard: “February 28, 2019: Former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been released from jail following an incident at an Indiana casino...
  6. B

    So this just happened in New Haven, IN

    Let me break this down for you. Here you have a guy dressed as Donald Trump & a white lady dressed in blackface. What you don't know is, this guy is named Robert "Bob" Nelson & he is running for mayor of the city. Now check out his weak ass apology. The bıtch in the picture looks like an...
  7. pickles

    Indiana Rednecks (Trump Supporters) attack Ted Cruz

    Saw this on CNN and it made me laugh. :mjlol: Do you think Raphael Cruz got his wake up call? :lupe: These Rednecks were so stereotypical that I have to believe they were actors. So inbred looking. :scust: Talking about we have to protect the second amendment. :beli: Indiana brehs, this is...