jalen ramsey

  1. Hathaway

    Jalen Ramsey Letting Bron Know Its a Man's Game

    Jalen talking BIG shyt to Bron. Told em he getting strapped at the line of he was in the NFL. Said Bron wouldnt Moss him :heh: Think he's faster than prime Bron. Jalen my guy but come on man. Once Bron said he 6'9, Jalen fell back a bit.
  2. DrexlersFade

    Josh Allen no longer resides in Harlem he has moved to ATL Midtown section

    What type of shyt was he on his Midtown residency has been approved :dame:
  3. Trav

    Coli, Come Get Ya Mans. "Chief's don't need Jalen Ramsey"

    Ever since ya mans left and linked up with FS1's resident piece of shyt, he been on straight clown shyt. I remember nikka use to get hella love to when he had that show with Max, Beadle & em.
  4. Derek Lee

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs NY Giants game thread

    :Game's on :ehh:
  5. Jalen Ramsey Gett Off

    Jalen Ramsey Gett Off