1. Mufasa Ahadi

    Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Withdraw Bid to Buy the Mets

    Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez previously expressed the intention to purchase the New York Mets. They wanted to become the first minority couple to purchase the baseball team, but this will not happen. The power couple will now no longer pursue the acquisition of the team. Lopez confirmed...
  2. M

    How do you feel about Angela yee type women?

    They are known whores but they like to act like they are angels and they get mad when you call them whores I don't get it:what: I hate them type of women I think they are worse than prostitutes They see no problem with sucking 20 different dikks per day but they can't Stand the word whore...
  3. Sensitive Brian Griffin

    Was J-Lo ever well-regarded?

    Like what was the opinion on her when she was in her prime? Just a pop star or someone who was a competent R'n'B artist? I know she made some songs with LL Cool J but I don't know if she was always viewed as a vulture with nothing valuable in her discography. Also was there NY bias?
  4. Bart simpson

    Buff JLo Hulk smash or Hard pass

    Would y'all?