joe burrow

  1. ReturnOfJudah

    Burrow against the Titans: No headset, no problem

  2. S

    Eli Apple.... Boi if you don't get!!!!!!

    Chase must've fukked his bytch or something :umad:
  3. Trav

    King Byke to Chase Dem Joes 2 another Burrow: Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans 2022

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  4. ReturnOfJudah

    Bart Scott is in his feelings over Bengals beat down… saying all kind of wild shyt

  5. P

    Did Joe Burrow Have The Best Single Season In College Football History?

    I don't know about you all, but I never expected this out of Burrow 2 seasons at Ohio State as a backup to J.T. Barrett, Then he realized Dwayne Haskins would get the starting job over him and transferred. I don't think he was on anyone's radar. But did Joe Burrow Have the greatest Single...
  6. DonKnock

    DonKnockPresents: Real Tigers Will Get Their Stripes In The Dome [LSU - Clemson] 2020 CFB NC Game

    Geaux Tigers:blessed: @blockboy504 @Crude @invincible1914 @nawlinsnfinest @NOSaintsFan02 @NO-BadAzz @O.iatlhawksfan @philmonroe @ReturnOfJudah @taker597 @Woodwerkz tag the Clemson brehs:feedme: