1. AVXL

    "The Most Lit Up and Most Woke we've ever been!"-The OFFICIAL 2019 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    We here brehs :salute: More info to come but I needed to get at least a thread started. Post Up! @The ADD @FreshFromATL @Stone @charmander @ATLien @Atlrocafella @Rickdogg44 @FutureGOAT @JBoy @The_Sheff @Sly Cookin @Hollywood Co @Bruh Man 5th Flo @Moose_Greyjoy @1BadBamaFan @iamstr8fire...
  2. AVXL

    Matthew 28:3..."And his clothes were white as ICE!" The Official 2017 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    First and foremost :salute: to the Atlanta brethren, Zones 1-6, Eastside, Westside, Southside hell even the gotdamn Northside, what the fukk's goin on brehs?!? :obama: @The ADD @FreshFromATL @Stone @charmander @ATLien @Atlrocafella @Rickdogg44 @FutureGOAT @JBoy @The_Sheff @Sly Cookin @Hollywood...
  3. AVXL

    Cobb County White Flights on the Road to 75: 2017 Atlanta Braves Season Thread

    Brehs are you ready for beisbol? :leon: After a disappointing start to 2016 that led to the firing of Fredi "Tip of the cap" Gonzalez and promotion of Brian Snitker, the Braves finished strong over the second half of the season. With Snit back as the full time manager and the addition of Jaime...
  4. King Karim

    Is Matt Ryan an injustice to Julio Jones?

    GOAT WR's are judged heavily on touchdowns. Matt Ryan isn't great and barely good at throwing touchdowns throughout his career. Is he holding Julio and a possible chance at being a Hall of Famer back?
  5. AVXL

    Took a 100 L's, in The Chop House-The final season of the 2016 Atlanta Braves at Turner Field

    For those of you who don't know by now, this year is the final season of the Braves in Turner Field before the "White Flights" move to Cobb County (and make my daily commute a daily hell :mjcry:) Anyway, this year's team is projected by many to be the worst in baseball and maybe the worst...
  6. AVXL

    "If they let you score, DONT SCORE"-Atlanta Falcons at NY Giants Game thread

    :mjlol: It's ok Rashad, you don't have to score this week either :laff: :laff: #BirdBrehs #RiseUp we here :salute:
  7. Sly Cookin

    There's a New Vic in Town: The Official 2015 Atlanta Falcons Season Thread

    New coach:gladbron: New offense:ooh: Fresh legs at rb:banderas: Dare I say some pass rush:leon: Not to mention 3 garbage teams in our division:sas1: My Atl brehs, a new season is among us:blessed::salute: @The ADD @#1 pick @FreshFromATL @Stone @The Dogg @charmander @Teal @ATLien...