kansas city chiefs

  1. FAH1223

    Chiefs threatening to leave Kansas City?

  2. Dog Based Gremlin

    "Cheetah's not in the building but The Jaguars certainly are!!" JAGS @ CHIEFS (Div Round) Sat 4:30pm

    correction: Jaguars are #4 in AFC, can't edit Kansas City Chiefs (-9) host the Jacksonville Jaguars in the divisional round coming off a 1st round bye. Jaguars coming in after the 3rd best playofff comeback game in NFL Playoff history against the Chargers Chiefs def. Jaguars 27-17 on Nov...
  3. Dog Based Gremlin

    Ben counted out all year but Mahomie Steel here!... #7 STEELERS vs #2 CHIEFS (Wild Card Thread)

    Ben bout to overcome the odds and take down Mahomes in Arrowhead Wildcard schedule Saturday 4:30pm #5 Raiders (19) lost to #4 Bengals (26) Saturday 8:15pm #6 Patriots (17) lost to #3 Bills (47) Sunday 1pm: #7 Eagles (15) lose to #2 Buccaneers (31) Sunday 4pm: #6 49ers defeat the #3 Dallas...
  4. pickles

    Chiefs Assistant Britt Reid drinking before crash that severly hurt two children

    Why is noone talking about this? :mindblown: If this was a black coach's son. :mjpls: According to Kansas City, Missouri, police, a Chevrolet Impala that had run out of gas was sitting on the entrance ramp from Stadium Drive to I-435. The driver had called family for help, which arrived in...
  5. Pete Wrigley

    Superbowl: TV Recommendations

    Hey brehs, going TV shopping and wanted to pick your brains. I'm looking for a 65" and any manufacturer will do. Props in advance and I'll dap and rep eurry damn body.
  6. MushroomX

    SNF: General Za'D vs. Matt Moore [Packers v. Chiefs] Thread

    Per my Green Bay brehs! Let's get that 7-1 and keep ahead of those Vikings. :blessed: @FloorGeneral @tru_m.a.c @Bboystylez @ThaRebel @Tical @Upshall @Darealtwo1 @Don De Dieu @CJ14 @bsmooth @Stelio Kontos @Monster @SHAQAVELLI @ThiefyPoo @Only On Camera @FAH1223 @Scaaar @Abuchunky How many...
  7. Chip Skylark


    I haven't seen a thread made for the future super bowl champs. AB RELEASED MALVIN GORDON ON HOLDOUT DERWIN JAMES ON IR THE BRONCOS ARE WASHED Chiefs fans get in here!!!!!!! Even superman is a fan The Jaguars are getting whooped tomorrow