keanu reeves

  1. Days of Future Piff

    What is the dopest John Wick kill?

    I nominate the pencil scene in Chapter 2... ( :picard: ) ...but that knife fight in 3 was no joke. All hail the GOAT action trilogy of the modern era :blessed:
  2. MartyMcFly

    Official The Matrix Resurrections Thread

    ‘The Matrix’ Returning With Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss, Lana Wachowski Writing & Directing – Deadline
  3. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Keanu Reeves gotta be the most mediocre actor to make it and remain relevant

    Just saw the trailer for John Wick 3. Now I'm not denying duke has a strong catalog (Speed, Matrix Trilogy, Hardball, John Wick series, etc) but damn. Not ONCE have I ever heard someone go "You heard Keanu Reeves movie?" or "I'm a fan to Keanu Reeves films"-- He seems to have a talent at picking...