king's disease

  1. Alexander Wiggin

    Which Nas & Hit Boy track has the best beat switch

    I would say WTF SMH Japanese soul bar The cure Dedicated In that order Michael & Qunicy and reminisce are sick too and I was pleased by theses
  2. Alexander Wiggin

    King's disease series vs Magic series playlist

    What's your best playlist for both series The rule, you got to choose 6 tracks for each album (no loosies or features tracks on hit boy or other albums) This is my magic vs king's disease playlist. 18 track each (6 best tracks by album) Kings disease playlist Blue benz Ultra black Car 85...
  3. mc_brew

    Joey B vs. Don Tha Con: Battle For The Soul Of America - 2020 Presidential Debate in Cleveland, OH

    who: joey b, talk of the town vs. don tha con, future convict... where: cleveland, oh when: 9pm est, tue, 9/29/2020.... host: christopher wallace, baby baybay!!! subject: the soul of amerikkka (whatever that is)... audience: coli wolves and wolvettes.... questions that coli wolves expect answers...
  4. mc_brew

    Joey B - Listen Here, Jack - CNN Town Hall - 8pm ET - 9/17/2020

    who: joey b, talk of the town... where: scranton, pa station: cnn when: 8pm et.... host: anderson cooper subject: i got 99 problems, but trump ain't one.... audience: coli wolves and wolvettes.... questions that coli wolves expect answers to: what is your plan for black people only? what are...
  5. mc_brew

    2020 Political Ads Thread -- Once Again It's On......

    here is the place to put all of the political ads you find interesting, provocative, funny, or otherwise noteworthy.... it doesn't matter who the ad is supporting or who the ad is against.... here we'll discuss the ad's accuracy, effectiveness, and promotion.... it doesn't matter if we're...
  6. mc_brew

    First Joint Interview: Joey B Feat. K-Mala (ABC 8pm EST)

    :mjlit:fukkery season has now returned...... this is airing tonight on abc at 8pm est..... this is the discussion thread for this interview...if i can find a stream i'll post it here.... already a controversial item has been dropped.... see below... watch joey b and k-mala drop their...