1. Payday23

    Official Trump Insurrection Rally 1/6/21 Fukkery & Mar-A-Lago DOJ Probe Thread

  2. R

    scust: at Klanmobile

  3. Reginald Noble

    This Thanksgiving - Thank Your Local CAC for Honesty

    Go right on ahead and thank your local CAC for saying shyt to your face instead of behind your back. Keep them out in the light where we can see them and the white hood pulled up.
  4. Indiglow Meta (R$G)


    "The objects of this order shall be primarily to unite all white persons, native born Gentile citizens of the United States of America, who own no allegiance of any nature or degree to any foreign government, nation, institution, sect, ruler person or people; whose morals are good; whose...
  5. Warren Moon

    Hae you heard the trump rallying song?

    I'm driving through north ga and can't find a radio station. Finally found a republican right wing station and they played this song. Starts the real music about 50 seconds in Scary lyrics man :lupe: And they truly believe this stuff:mindblown: