1. Don Homer

    The Warriors NEW Death Lineup Scored 70 Points in 18 Minutes

  2. ReturnOfJudah

    New Klay’s yall: The Eastbay Times x Anta KT4s

  3. ReturnOfJudah

    Klay was out of bounds on the final play

  4. JesusFOREVER

    I've been thinking about this and...is Klay Raja Bell with a greenlight?

    The similarities are there, both pretty good perimeter defenders who excel at catch and shooting although Raja didn't nearly get to fire at the clip Klay does :jbhmm: :whoa: Now before you nikkas come with the negs I don't mean this as complete disrespect to Klay but I do view him and Draymond...
  5. B

    So with the whole Draymond vs the world thing......we need to know who is better Kyrie or Klay??

    Me and @Boesky need more insight and other criteria to make those polls valid that @CHICAGO is doing.
  6. Klyk21

    Can we finally talk about Klay Thompson's sportmanship....or lack thereof?

    Left game 6 early and I didn't hear a peep about it from media outlets Was crying on the bench earlier in the series or the last....hell, probably both of them Called Lebron a bytch on the low Didn't come over to congratulate a single cavs player/personnel and was in the locker room prob before...
  7. G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman

    A King Asks For Seconds & A Chef Obliges: Official Warriors vs. Cavs 2016 NBA FINALS Thread

    It's lit. Edit- Graphics included courtesy of @FAH1223 -------------------------VS------------------------- Last series: NBA Champion Warriors vs. SEATTLE SUPER SONICS (W) 4-3 Cavs vs. Raptors - (W) 4-2 Lineups:
  8. DonKnock

    Klay Had To Guard Harden, Dame/CJ, Russ/KD, Kyrie and STILL had to bail Curry out in OKC Game 6

    He also had to carry the scoring load while Curry was out and those mysterious games where Curry was somewhere between "I'm back:ufdup:" and "< 70%:troll:" Give this guy some repeck:DKPrrr: The reigning 3pt contest champion living up to his crown in the playoffs while that other guy...
  9. Archangel

    10 Years ago, who could've foresaw the Cavs & GSW highlighting The NBA Finals?

    You ever sit back and think about that as we watch Cavs vs GS for the 2nd year in a row? If you would've told me 10 years ago that Golden State and Cleveland would become the future dynasties of the NBA, I would be shocked. Its not too hard to believe with a LeBron James led team but GSW? Wow...