1. 85 East

    RIP Pat Stay

    A lot of people on my FB timeline are tight with Pat and saying he got killed last night. Possible stabbing. Pretty sure my dude just got an interview with him last week. RIP. My people are hurting today...
  2. ReasonableMatic

    KOTD presents: Chilla Jones vs Gjonaj | #BO7

    You dropped a tier/tear from the backlash like Denzel in Glory - Chilla Jones Okay Chilla :leon:(No reaction? Okay, I see the platform we at.. *Posey voice*) Chilla's Mario scheme in the 3rd was OD :banderas: Son dropped a 30 piece on Gjonaj
  3. ReasonableMatic

    KOTD presents: Dizaster vs Serius Jones | #BO7

  4. Tha Carter

    Who's Stock Dropped This Year?

    Drop some names of battlers who did bad this year. I'll start with Tsu Surf and K Shine Surf bullshyttin battles, losing to Suge, Rex, Verb, and the general consensus is he lost to T-Top K Shine cause he lost to Ill Will, got bodybagged by QP, and fukking up Guntitles vs NWX Part 1. Pretty...
  5. Ardamus


  6. HDKG_

    KOTD - Head ICE vs Arsonal

  7. Ardamus


  8. B

    KOTD - BOTB7 - Caustic Vs Head ICE

  9. ineedsleep212

    Lotta Zay vs Rum Nitty | KOTD

  10. N*E*R*D

    KOTD - Rap Battle - Illmaculate vs Aye Verb

    Verb got 3-0'd by another white boy :russ:
  11. thernbroom

    Daylyt just caught the fade from Dizaster

    :mjlol: Backstory on what caused Daylyt & Dizasters beef: http://www.thecoli.com/threads/yoooo-dizaster-hit-math-hoffa-with-the-hardest-left-hook-i-ever-seen.227178/
  12. ReasonableMatic

    Charlie Clips vs Daylyt | KOTD [BOLA5] (Official) (Poll inside)

    Who you nikkas got?
  13. Lavish

    Charlie Clips vs Conceited

    http://gorillavid.in/hs8qz8h5pk01 :myman:
  14. Lavish

    Swave Sevah vs Arsenol

    lookin fwd to when they drop that :leon:
  15. Kidd Dibiase

    Charlie Clips vs Dirtbag Dan

  16. Diyhai

    KOTD - Rap Battle - Rum Nitty vs Danny Myers

  17. oO J Smooth Oo


  18. Charlie

    KOTD - Rap Battle - Hollohan vs Charlie Clips

  19. Brooklynzson

    Essential The Official Battle Rap Random Thoughts Thread (URL, KOTD, UW etc...)

    That Chi-Town card lookin cray Mainevent Big T vs. Charlie Clips Aye Verb vs. X Factor Young Miles vs Conceited Yung Ill vs. Cortez J.C. vs. Young Kannon John John Da Don vs. QP :noah: