1. Embrehyo

    Singles WizKid - Mood Ft. Buju

    WizKid Live: 10 September Boston, MA Fri 8:00 PM · Orpheum Theatre
  2. I'm Blackman

    This real? Beyonce mom fukked up.

  3. Yinny

    Oakland/Bay Area folks I need your advice

    I’m going to Oakland Thursday through Monday night, trying to get into some trouble for the weekend. Where should I eat? Party? Looking for some culture too... where the gangbangers at? :mjgrin:
  4. Indiglow Meta (R$G)


    :mjpls: “White power” chant breaks out at popular OSU campus bar The crowd at a popular campus bar on Friday made it very clear to newcomers that they weren’t welcoming or inclusive. “We walked in and a group of young white males just started yelling, “‘White power,'” said Andreya Monique in a...
  5. intruder

    Liquor enthusiasts, what's the big deal with Pure White Hennessy?

    Disclaimer: I've only had Hennessy twice in my life. Didn't have that much and I don't recall it being anything special but based on my observation black people tend to love and glorify it on some urban legend type shyt. Anyway, Me and this chick I'm messing with went down to Turks and Caicos...
  6. j.smooth4

    What are your go to liqours for throwing a party/kickback

    So far I have Liquor Jack Daniels gentleman Jack Daniels Honey Jim Bean Apple Henny Ciroc pineapple Grey Goose Kracken Captain Morgan EJ peach Jose Cuervo silver 1800 Tequila dark Bacardi superior Titos vodka Beer 12 Bud 12 red stripe 12 presidente 24 coronas 12 Heineken 12 shock tops 24...