1. JadeB

    Kanye at Freaknik

  2. JadeB

    There's a movie from 1920 called "The Poor Simp"

    The plot is even worse:deadmanny::deadmanny::deadmanny: With a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a Pomeranian puppy in the other, wealthy young Melville G. Carruthers calls upon his sweetheart, Grace Adams, with the intention of proposing, but is so overcome by bashfulness he is barely able to...
  3. D'Angelo Barksdale

    LMAO, My neighbor heard me and girl getting busy last night...

    So long story short I was coming home from work earlier today and my neighbor shouted my name for me to come speak with her about something and little did I know what it was about, anyways... My neighbor (Ms. Wilson) pulled me to side and said that she heard us having sex last night while...
  4. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    50 Cent Suggests Teairra Marí Lied About Her Grandpa’s Funeral to Avoid Paying Up

    50 Cent Suggests Teairra Marí Lied About Her Grandpa’s Funeral to Avoid Paying Up May 3, 2019 at 7:24 am PDT By Ryan Naumann Getty 50 Cent is accusing “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Teairra Marí of possibly lying about a grandfather’s funeral to avoid showing up to court over the $35,000...
  5. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Bruh catches his girl about to give neck on the dance floor smh

  6. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Woman goes viral for her hair or lack thereof and ends up beefing with Tinys hairstylist

  7. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    "If you gonna supoort, supoort" lol

    Would you do this for your girl?
  8. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Lil man puts his mom on blast while she is eating crab legs for the people

  9. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    She walked to the camera like she killed that shyt

  10. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Laugh or Help

    Which one would you do first?
  11. JadeB

    Thailand's Leader Uses Cardboard Stand-In to Avoid Journalists' Questions

    Thailand’s Leader Uses Cardboard Stand-In to Avoid Journalists’ Questions By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS JAN. 8, 2018 BANGKOK — Thailand’s prime minister evaded journalists’ questions on Monday by turning to a life-size cardboard cutout of him and telling the reporters to quiz it instead. Prime...
  12. Kairi Irving

    What's Your Favorite Custom/Remixed Smilies On The Coli?

    Made this thread to bring in all the smiley creator Brehs and post some of your custom smileys :mjlol: My favorites are: Any Variation of :mjpls: Any Asian variation of :mjcry: The full body, pointing :mjgrin: The troll face Bron that's pretty much mixed :troll: and :patrice...
  13. Kairi Irving

    Turn Around and Die Brehs lol

    Watch this video shyt caught me off guard :pachaha::dead: Turn around and die :heh::dead: Sounds like an early 2000s rock band singer Brehs :heh: I saw you and then you saw me :russ:
  14. Tunez


    One year ago when GitHyp launched, we featured an article covering how Ubisoft’s best-selling game ever, The Division, lost 93% of its playerbase in the span of its first 3 months. Now, 3 months after Ubisoft’s biggest launch of 2017, For Honor has surpassed one of 2016’s biggest bombs by losing...