1. Billy Ocean

    Come in here and make a thread title a salty ass, goofy TLR Trump supporter would make

    Told y'all...Ol' Jim Crow Joe LIEden signs executive order making Blacks slaves again. Back on the plantation tomorrow... #bothsidersisanarmy Let's get it.
  2. Payday23

    Official Trump Insurrection Rally 1/6/21 Fukkery & Mar-A-Lago DOJ Probe Thread

  3. Billy Ocean

    Come in here and name a poster who exposed themselves as a worthless MAGAt this election cycle

    "Only so long fake thugs can pretend" I'll start it off with 2: @UpAndComing @TRY GOD Let's go
  4. Black Panther

    Trump Considering Pardon For Muhummad Ali, But...

    He doesn't need one. His charge of evading the draft was overturned by the SCOTUS. :bpfacepalm: In case you didn't believe his pardon of Jack Johnson was just a publicity stunt: Trump says he may pardon boxer Muhammad Ali