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  1. ProductoIlicito

    Wu-Tang Clan - Guest Appearances (Mixtapes)

    I compiled these mixtapes. These mixtapes include collaborations of each Wu-Tang member.
  2. IronFist

    Albums Masta Killa - Loyalty IS Royalty (Discussion Thread)

    @Nigmund Freud @Esco @tuckdog @Wenzel Dashington @Craig Doyle @((ReFleX)) @gragra @I'z @Cadillac @MrPentatonic @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino @Urbanmiracle @KILLAKUTT7 @Capo Dei Capi @Hades @NormanConnors @Brayden @Ensi @Apollo Kid...
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Albums Did Anybody Have This Wu Album?

    Was looking through one of my cd cases for an older but recently bought Three 6 Mafia album, but came across this Wu-Tang Legendary Weapons compilation, and totally forgot I even had it. For y'all that had it or listened to it, what did y'all think about it?
  4. IronFist

    [Throwback] Cappadonna Ft Masta Killa - Fire


    Masta Killa's best verse

    Masta Killa is one of the more unknown about members of the clan. What do you think his best verse is?
  6. Inspect Her Deck

    Classics Discussion: GZA & Masta Killa

    Ok so some of y'all will be familiar with a project I'm deciding to run. I made this thread: The Official 'Classic Album' Discussion Thread, trying to reach a conclusion as to what defines a classic album. After much discussion, I am running with this definition personally, so take it as you...
  7. G-Eye

    U-God & Masta Killa - The Totem

    Download here... Da Mystery Of Chessbloggin: (Mixtape) U-God & Masta Killa - The Totem
  8. IronFist

    {New}Masta Killa ft. Cappadonna & Young Dudas – “The Return Of The Masta Kill” (Prod. By PF Cuttin')

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  9. IronFist

    Masta Killa Talks Making “Enter The Wu-Tang” LP, Modern Hip Hop + Wu-Tang Forever Remix

    I wanted to ask you something. I heard you started off as a breakdancer… [laughs] No, I didn’t start as a breakdancer. Growing up as a teenager, I used to do the pop lock and the moonwalk [laughs]. I wasn’t dancing for Father MC starting out in this Hip Hop industry or nothing like that. I’ve...
  10. IronFist

    Masta Killa Live At B&E Invitational 2015

    @WuGambino @Wallychamp @FRIED MASON @2meo @Hades @Brayden @Hades @torcher @JamieFoxxHairline @EA @Xenos @UghhFan @KILLAKUTT7 @Urbanmiracle @NormanConnors
  11. Remy Danton

    Masta Killa Talks Upcoming Solo Project + Wu-Tang’s “A Better Tomorrow” & “Once Upon A Time...."

    Wu-Tang Clan member Masta Killa is headed overseas this week for the B&E Invitational freeski competition. Audio company Boombotix is hosting the event’s Halftime Show featuring a performance from Killa. The entire B&E will stream live this Friday from Les Arcs, France. This is not the first...