1. I

    Congrats to Naomi Campbell on her New White Baby at Age 50

  2. MischievousMonkey

    Feminism, Gender, Motherhood and Africa

    The Invention of Women: Making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourses Conceptualising Gender: Eurocentric Foundations of Feminist Concepts and the Challenge of African Epistemologies (pdf)
  3. Rhapscallion Démone

    Sexualizing Breast feeding or Poor co-parenting

    The situation A man and a woman have child together although they aren't together. The father is in a relationship with another woman. Father asked the mother to send him a picture of their child and the mother sent him a picture of the baby while he is nursing/sleeping because she doesn't want...
  4. SirReginald

    Women Are Now 42% Of U.S. Breadwinners — But Also 'Underestimate The Costs Of Motherhood'

    TLDR As of 2015, approximately 64 percent of women were acting as breadwinners or co-breadwinners in their families, according to a study from the Center for American Progress. Of those women, 37 percent are married and out-earning their husbands, while single mothers make up the remaining 63...
  5. DreadBrown

    How many fathers we got on

    Serious question :jbhmm: I wanted to make this thread to see who here has kids cuz we dont get too many threads on fatherhood. With all the dumb shyt we talk about on here I know we can make time for some meaningful convo. This is a positive thread so if you don’t have a progressive...
  6. Indiglow Meta (R$G)


    ...FOR ALLEGED ABUSE Daughter Exposes 'Color Purple' Author Alice Walker For Harshly Disowning Her & Grandchild :ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh: Apparently, Alice Walker has nothing to do with her only daughter :mjcry:and fans are criticizing her for her seemingly harsh decision. Now...
  7. SheWantTheD

    What Is Something That You Went Through In Your Life...

    That you wouldn't want to happen to your son or daughter? Possibly something you don't have much control over, it doesn't have to be though. If my son(s) inherit my good looks :jawalrus: I know older women are gonna be checking for them in their teens and I can't be having that. I would rather...
  8. SheWantTheD

    I'm Seeing More And More Women With No Children Into Their Late 20s, 30s, 40s etc

    Regina Hall aged 45 no kids. Sanaa Lathan aged 45 no kids. What's going on (marvin gaye)? :jbhmm: