1. JadeB

    Girls from the Motherland....

  2. BigL187

    African Brehs: If they brought Verzuz to the motherland

    Which country do you think should start first, and which artist from that country should battle? Me personally, I feel like it would be foolish if they didn't start with congo
  3. Patriarch

    Chicago Offering First Direct Flights to Afrika

    Afrika the set.. yeah that's the motherland. O'Hare to offer 1st direct Chicago-to-Africa flights
  4. Busted_Toes

    The first time i went to Nigeria, i saw nikkas holding hands...

    Nigerians definitely not from Harlem.. :dame: I went to the market to get some plantains and saw so many nikkas holding hands. :picard: Nikkas had on thong sandals and were holding hands. :dame: shyt was wild... They had interlocked fingers and shyt.. Nikkas were also talking into each...
  5. SirReginald

    Real Talk, Is This East African Vs West African Beef Just An "Internet" Thing?

    THIS video from a fine sista popped up in my newsfeed on YouTube. I listened to half the video before I turned it off. First off, it's Somali NOT Somalian. Also, most Ethiopians are Orthodox Christians if I'm not mistaken. Even though I'm AA I need to know from my East African peeps on what...
  6. Reginald Noble

    Black Mission 2018 - Expel CACs/Chinese out Africa and Replace them with Afro Americans

    South Africa "It doesn't help us to be a minority in another state of less than 10%" Kenya "Not comfortable with Black people" African brehs as a whole need to make it a mission to change laws to get these wonderbread German CACs and Chow Mein Chinese Republic rejects OUT :camby:and Black...
  7. Kalik

    Enjoying traditional African music and BBWs from the Motherland...