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  1. Franklin Clinton

  2. I

    Congrats to Naomi Campbell on her New White Baby at Age 50

  3. I

    Naomi Campbell Tours Her Luxurious Seaside Kenyan Villa

    :ehh: Can any Afribrehs post any luxury properties in Ghana or Nigeria that look like this? I've been trying to find some but most I've seen don't have the same asthetics.
  4. JadeB

    Which decade had the bigger impact on modern black culture?

    the 1970s: or the 1990s
  5. I

    Tyra or Naomi: Who was the definitive black supermodel? (NSFW)

    Tyra - Naomi - I feel like certain looks made Tyra breathtaking most of the time but Naomi was breathtaking all of the time. Tyra’s tittys was sitting right though and the last few seconds of Tyra’s video alone make her unfukkwitable . :ohlawd: I can’t decide though.
  6. SirReginald

    #InNaomiFashion: Naomi Campbell Out Here Protesting The Libyan Slave Trade..............

    In high fashion :takedat: Da hell is that outfit doe :jbhmm: However, I guess you come as you are. Real talk, slavery never left just like I said. It only has become reworded. #StopEnslavingMyPeople At least she's out here talking about it along with Cardi B.
  7. The Odum of Ala Igbo

    Bizarre Moments in African History: Naomi Campbell's Blood Diamonds

    She testified that she received (blood) diamonds from Charles Taylor in the 90s as a gift. Yup. Just as a "gift".