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  1. AMcV'88

    Albums Wiki x Navy Blue - Half-God (2021) (Discussion Thread)

    01 Not Today (Intro) 02 Roof 03 Remarkably 04 Cant Do This Alone [ft. Navy Blue] 05 Never Fall Off 06 Drug Supplier [ft. Jesse James Solomon] 07 Wik tha God 08 Ego Death 09 The Business 10 Home 11 All I Need [ft. Earl Sweatshirt] 12 Gas Face [ft. Remy Banks] 13 The Promised [ft. Mike] 14 New...
  2. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Navy Blue - Ritual (Video) 'Navy's Reprise' (ALBUM OUT NOW)

    Navy Blue
  3. AMcV'88

    Albums Akai Solo x Navy Blue - True Sky (2021)

    Akai on the raps, Sage on the beats.
  4. T.H.E. Goat

    The Alchemist feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Navy Blue - Nobles(Official Video)

    New single from the EP dropping next week
  5. AMcV'88

    Albums Navy Blue - Àdá Irin (2020)

    Apple Music Tidal .previous works.
  6. AMcV'88

    Albums MIKE - Tears of Joy (2019)

    kids prolific. also, if you haven't heard of Navy Blue, be sure to check out ..