1. Kuma the Bear

    Ne-Yo condemns parents allowing their children to change gender at a young age

    Ne-Yo Shares His Controversial Take On Gender
  2. FluffyEyes

    Ne-Yo's wife dumps him on IG

    Yikes They JUST reconciled not too long ago. Edit: Apparently he liked her post. I'm almost positive that one or more of the women he was sleeping with threatened to go public, so she just did it.
  3. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Ne-Yo "In My Own Words" appreciation thread.

    maaan listen, this album is a highly underrated mid-2000 classic. The balance between pure R&B and that urban upbeat R&B was just :wow: Ne-Yo's writing skills on this :ohlawd: I just got done listening to it and this shyt rides from front to skips whatsoever :wow: A few...
  4. LightSkinYeshua

    How should I tell my cousin...

    That i think his son got a little fruitiness to him. :lupe: I went over to my cousins house the other day to drink some beers and watch the Alabama game on some chill shyt. As soon as I walk into the house, his son strutted over to say hi. I thought it was kind of strange but I didnt make...
  5. LevelUp

    R&B Everything R&B Megathread