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  1. M

    Why are Igbo Nigerians so good at football?

    :ohhh: Go through all 32 NFL teams and I guarantee there's at least 3 Nigerian players on the team. Most of them, if not all, will be Igbo, although there's a minority of Yoruba players. Even at the NCAA level there's a shytload of Igbo players. There's a lot of Igbo NBA players as well, but...
  2. SheWantTheD

    NFL Player Lives On 30 Percent Of Salary, Invests The Rest (Should Make Double His Salary)

    Lions' Glover Quin lives on 30 percent of take-home pay, uses rest to invest in future He was drafted in 2009 and still drives the same car he bought then. Teammates call him cheap but he's projected to make twice his salary within his career through his investments. He was spending only...