nfl playoffs

  1. FAH1223

    Official "No More 7th Seeds in the NFL Playoffs" Thread

    The Eagles getting blown out is one thing but the injuries that the Bucs suffered to play this game is ridiculous. Same thing tonight with the Steelers. They will lose big and if the Chiefs have someone go down :smh: The #2 seed had a bye for decades. It worked well. This format is bad for...
  2. Dog Based Gremlin

    Ben counted out all year but Mahomie Steel here!... #7 STEELERS vs #2 CHIEFS (Wild Card Thread)

    Ben bout to overcome the odds and take down Mahomes in Arrowhead Wildcard schedule Saturday 4:30pm #5 Raiders (19) lost to #4 Bengals (26) Saturday 8:15pm #6 Patriots (17) lost to #3 Bills (47) Sunday 1pm: #7 Eagles (15) lose to #2 Buccaneers (31) Sunday 4pm: #6 49ers defeat the #3 Dallas...
  3. KidJSoul

    How did Peyton Manning survive so many underwhelming playoff performances? His defenses weren't bad

    Seriously :mindblown: When you break it down and rewatch some of these playoff games... how has Peyton gotten a pass for this shyt? Skip to the 1:31:00 mark. Peyton got gifted. Skip to the 1:47 mark. Watch the ending of that drive. people blame Vanderjagt, but Peyton almost threw two back to...
  4. FAH1223

    Top Defense vs. Top Offense in the Frozen Tundra: Rams (#6) @ Packers (#1) Divisional Thread

    The road to the Super Bowl goes through Lambeau. The Packers sowed up the #1 seed with another 13-3 season in Matt LaFleur's second season as HC. Aaron Rodgers at 37 years young has had perhaps the greatest season a QB could have in NFL history. It is also impressive considering how the Packers...
  5. M

    5 on It? Hell, We Got #15 on It! 49ers vs Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV

  6. portcityplaya

    Aaron Goes Home and After 60 mins will Aaron Go Home? Battle in the Bay | Packers @ 9ers

    Since these bytch ass 9ers fans never wanna make a gahtdamn game thread for their team they get stuck with whatever bullshyt thread title I can pull out my ass. I hope yall bay area fukkers lose just for that reason alone :pacspit: @Maluma's Wallet I'm 2-0 when making the Pack thread :leon:
  7. Trav

    2020 AFC Championship: Titans March Into Enemy Territory To Behead Ya Chiefs

    3 straight 180 yard games from an unstoppable force versus a KC offense with 'flash' that can score at the speed of light.
  8. portcityplaya

    Will the Tundra Freeze Bruhssell's Soul Glo Drip? | Seahawks @ Packers Game Thread

    @Maluma's Wallet hope this thread is everything you wished for :smugbiden:
  9. Playaz Eyez

    The Best BBQ Today Will be Tyrann Mathieu | Texans @ Chiefs Game Thread

    The last time these two teams played @Spence @Mike_Pipeson @HTXBreh @Flex Luger @3rd Koast Kang @Texas2step @THASTUNNA @8WON6 @kdslittlebro Let's make this week 6 all over again :blessed::blessed:Can't go out like the Colts did last year in Arrowhead just cause of the weather:scust:
  10. portcityplaya

    Heisman House 21217: Who Gets Left in a Vacant? | Titans @ Ravens Game Thread

    5 Heisman winners between these 2 teams Bama with 2 bout to be a buncha real nikka runs in this game
  11. portcityplaya

    Hopefully These Teams Give More Effort Than Their Coli Fanbases | Vikings @ 49ers Game Thread

    Cats cant even be bothered to make a game threwd for their teams playoff game :beli: Sorry ass nikkas. These boys sittin on the coach like Drew Brees and cant be bothered :pacspit:
  12. Turk

    Only So Long Fake Contenders Can Pretend: Patriots vs Titans Game Thread

    They praying for our downfall :damn:
  13. JesusFOREVER

    Something feels off about this Patriots-Chargers game

    Sarah Thomas first female ref in NFL playoff history | The Star First female ref in playoff history :jbhmm: In fox borough :stopitslime: Snow :wtb: This game is gonna have hella fukkery, I can already see the female ref being in the middle of a game changing call in the 4th :patrice:
  14. South Paw

    Dem Boyz Looking for Payback, But You Can't Spell Dallas without 2 L's - Seahawks @ Cowboys Wildcard

    @Ice Cold perm @Seahawks @bangbreh @The All Night Lights @Daystew @Absolut @B-boy @BelowTheMasonDixon @RadaMillz@Light @Chef Mello @Big Boss @The Coochie Assassin @dtownreppin214 @E-Nice @Ashyneezz @philmonroe @LurkMoar @*DalMem* @who_better_than_me @Grifter@Primetime21@duckbutta @AAKing23...
  15. JesusFOREVER

    NFL Gameday is too bloated

    Any of y'all watching right now? They got like 10 people up in there screaming over some damn pictionary :dahell: I think this show tries too hard to be Inside but without the charm They have like 3 guests every show plus the usual 4 or 5 deep they have on panel BUT, this show could easily be...
  16. William F. Russell

    Now It's Money in the Pocket All Day Like Tom Brady: Patriots vs. Texans 1/14 Playoff Game Thread

    The New England Patriots and Houston Texans meet again. The last time they faced each other was Week 3 in a Patriots 27-0 shutout victory. Houston couldn't put a Wilfork in Jacoby Brissett who barely threw over 100 yards. :LaughingAtYou: This time, the 14-2 Pats will host the 10-6 Texans who...
  17. Black Andy Dwyer

    We Gon Beat Them Hawks In Some Gucci Flip Flops: Seattle @ Atlanta Official Divisional Round Thread

    :umad: the refs can't save you boys this time. Y'all gotta deal with the eventual MVP in Matt Ryan One of the top receivers in the game in Julio Jones And the 2016 sack leader Vic Beasley @Point Blank @Nostalgic @Maddmike @AVXL @Brandeezy @Moose_Greyjoy @AtlienInTheGoodieMob @The ADD...