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  1. jeff8

    Nigerian woman says that women who have boyfriends should not decline dates

    Don’t decline a date because you have a boyfriend – Lady advises single ladies By Papaga Bless - October 28, 2019 11 Most ladies are fond of declining a date from other men just because they have a boyfriend. Well, a lady by name Oge Nsimah has advised her fellow ladies to desist from this...
  2. SirReginald

    Nigerian Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In Public And She Savagely Says No (What Would You Do?)

    Damn and I really can't blame her for rejecting him :yeshrug:
  3. M

    Nigerian tribal stereotypes

    Nigerian Tribes Stereotypes - Culture - Nigeria Is this true? Do Yoruba women have the fatty?:mjgrin:
  4. SirReginald

    DAMN, This PRO Black Chick Is FINE (5-Star Worthy CHICK :wow:)

    She's Nigerian :wow: