one percent

  1. BushidoBrown

    All yall rich coli nikkas step in

    To my coli 1 percenters: if you're gettin 6 figures or more, what is your career or what do you do to generate income? whats your education level? How many certs do you got outside of a diploma? If u close to 6 figures but not quite there, whats your next move to get over the hill? Speak on it...
  2. SirReginald

    WHY Can't We DISCUSS The Real Issue Of "CLASS WARFARE"? (1% VS 99%)

    LAST THREAD FOR AWHILE You know, I just got back home from Subway. On my way back, I was thinking about this issue of class warfare :francis: Since I have discussed the Black community often I figure I should be fair :manny: @Papa Shango in the flesh and @wickedsm you guys are right about...