orlando anderson

  1. C

    Just saw a tattoo dedicated to 2pac's killer (Orlando Anderson) in B.G.'s video

    Had me like :ohhh: @ 0:39 I'm assuming this video was shot in The Bay.
  2. Rhapture

    Glasses Malone Raps From Orlando Anderson's POV In "2Pac Must Die" Video

    Pac is always going to be on whole nother level when you got stuff like this being made :pachaha:. His death made him Immortal and the measuring stick for any and everybody who came out during and after.
  3. King Karim

    Who killed Tupac?

    iknow this question is cliche' but since tupac is such a trending topic now and we got a whole new generation of fans and opinions.......I think this is a fair question now
  4. Afromaticz

    Orlando Anderson phone convo about the Pac murder

    skip to 5:30 not sure how legit this is but shyt sounds krazy accurate as far as what happend...but what yall think real or fake