1. Westbama Heartthrob

    Ayo, Drake gotta weird verse. Why is he around? :sitdown:

    "Ask Lo, ask Lo, I always request you You go get fukked up and we just show up at your rescue Carry you inside, get you some water and undress you I give you my all and the next morning you'll forget who Or why, or how, or when Tonight, it's prolly 'bout to happen all over again"...
  2. Westbama Heartthrob

    Sohh yall think anything happening on June 16?

    Lots of theories around the meaning of 6:16 in la To those unaware, June 16 was the day kendrick and drake met. So I've been wondering if there's any plans to get back to that some reason :jbhmm: Whether ebonyprince shenanigans, pdf receipts, album single, or something else entirely leaving...
  3. Westbama Heartthrob

    Interesting theory regarding Cole's Pi verse

    What if I told you we might can shoot your boy some bail? :mjpls: First, relisten to pi really carefully Now take a look at this lil theory and share your thoughts
  4. Westbama Heartthrob

    In Honor of Recent Events...

    I think it's time we get an official Kendrick Lamar smiley to commemorate the victory :ehh: Any ideas? Personally I got...
  5. Westbama Heartthrob

    I'm Going through Withdrawals, Y'all

    Somebody drop :sadcam: Last week was some pristine fukkery. But now everything is too quiet. We still haven't got dot's music video, and I at least want that :francis: