patrick mahomes

  1. Dog Based Gremlin

    "Cheetah's not in the building but The Jaguars certainly are!!" JAGS @ CHIEFS (Div Round) Sat 4:30pm

    correction: Jaguars are #4 in AFC, can't edit Kansas City Chiefs (-9) host the Jacksonville Jaguars in the divisional round coming off a 1st round bye. Jaguars coming in after the 3rd best playofff comeback game in NFL Playoff history against the Chargers Chiefs def. Jaguars 27-17 on Nov...
  2. Ahadi

    Capital One | THE MATCH (Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen) on TNT @ 6:30PM

  3. Dog Based Gremlin

    Ben counted out all year but Mahomie Steel here!... #7 STEELERS vs #2 CHIEFS (Wild Card Thread)

    Ben bout to overcome the odds and take down Mahomes in Arrowhead Wildcard schedule Saturday 4:30pm #5 Raiders (19) lost to #4 Bengals (26) Saturday 8:15pm #6 Patriots (17) lost to #3 Bills (47) Sunday 1pm: #7 Eagles (15) lose to #2 Buccaneers (31) Sunday 4pm: #6 49ers defeat the #3 Dallas...
  4. DrexlersFade

    The Larry Holmes institute of the flabby and sick inquiring about one Patrick Lavon Mahomes II

    The man is a shell of himself and looking worse and worse every game.
  5. RennisDeynolds

    What Would be the best narrative for this Super Bowl?

    Which causes the most fukkery
  6. Chip Skylark

    Chiefs vs Raven:Azarath Metrion Zinthos Wont Stop Da ArrowHeaded 4 Da Ravens Dey Shall Win Nevermore

    Chiefs Vs Ravens LETS GOOOO #chiefskingdom @kdslittlebro @threattonature @Flight @8WON6 lol i know i’m missing the rest of the kingdom
  7. King Static X

    NFL executive: Patrick Mahomes' involvement in the BLM video made a difference

  8. MushroomX

    SNF: General Za'D vs. Matt Moore [Packers v. Chiefs] Thread

    Per my Green Bay brehs! Let's get that 7-1 and keep ahead of those Vikings. :blessed: @FloorGeneral @tru_m.a.c @Bboystylez @ThaRebel @Tical @Upshall @Darealtwo1 @Don De Dieu @CJ14 @bsmooth @Stelio Kontos @Monster @SHAQAVELLI @ThiefyPoo @Only On Camera @FAH1223 @Scaaar @Abuchunky How many...
  9. CBalla

    Show me a better football catch than this, I DARE YOU

    lets discuss this MOSS by MECOLE :wow:
  10. Chip Skylark


    I haven't seen a thread made for the future super bowl champs. AB RELEASED MALVIN GORDON ON HOLDOUT DERWIN JAMES ON IR THE BRONCOS ARE WASHED Chiefs fans get in here!!!!!!! Even superman is a fan The Jaguars are getting whooped tomorrow