1. Trav

    King Byke to Chase Dem Joes 2 another Burrow: Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans 2022

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  2. JesusFOREVER

    What type of dude would you be after losing the Finals?

    - straight to the showers and home This is me no doubt, aint shaking no hands, no questions, no staying in the locker room i’m OUT ive never been someone who grieves with others, don’t hit me up for a couple days either, maybe a month :russ: -crying in the showers The dude who spends about 30...
  3. Primetime

    Most Competitive NBA Season in the 2010s?

    From 2010 - 2019 For me it's 2011 62 win Bulls team with Derrick Rose and a dominant defensive squad 61 win Spurs team looking like a bounce back year for them 58 win Heatles Year 1 - their most entertaining year (imo) bc it really was 1a/1b with Bron and prime Wade 57 win Laker team with...