1. SirReginald

    I'm Gaining My Swag Back Wit These Women (Ya Dig)

    So, this morning I go to the store to make some groceries. On my way of checking out there's this cashier (32 or so years old). I use my game and say, "I can't believe it's July already almost August" :wow: She says, "Yep, then September will be here". This was a redbone chick too. Kinda...
  2. djfilthyrich

    Nas x Redbone beat

    Had some time this Sunday, and this was one of the things I recorded. As soon as I heard this Nas acapella track on the HHID album, I wanted to put a beat to it (and remove Chrisette Michele's part....she's a dope artist, but her chanting on this track always annoyed me). As with most of my...
  3. MikeyC

    So, Who You Man Choosing?

    :jawalrus: Ask, and ye shall receive. So who you man got: The one on the left or the one on the right? _______________________________________ PS: Don't go onto their instagrams if you don't want to be disappointed.
  4. FoolinLikeABitvh

    What Type Of Females Do Yall Niğgas Fw?

    Dem Hoodrat Hoes Hoodrats/Ratchets da hoes dat u can drink/smoke/clown shyt wit Yh dey bring a lil drama & dey crazy but dey hold u down & always ready to buss shyt Ik da majority of yall suburb "introverted" ass nikkas be scared to fw dem/put dem down cuz yall think dey too...
  5. WMG the 2nd

    *@swagnificent sees a 6'6 light skin wing* "Next kobe brehs!"

    *points at @Swagnificent* "Let me talk to this nikka mane" Zach lavine Dante exum Jayson Tatum Lonzo ball Is this what you hear when you check chad fords mock draft every year and see that hybrid combo guard-wing with red or yellow undertone skin, swag? "He's a 6'7 wing that can jump...
  6. Pdiddy

    Redbones With Big Tiddays Appreciation

    Can't leave the lighter shades out:feedme:
  7. Kane

    You hittin or nah? College educated redbone

  8. Kane

    Aiyana Lewis yall :wow:

    Yall Atlanta nikkas be eatin :wow: