1. Roland Coltrane

    Xmas Day Colorism Cage Match Battle Royale i.e. Paper Bag Slam-Vanessa Williams vs Vanity

    1st off, Merry Christmas :salute: @Kang The Conqueror has some consistently entertaining Babe Battle posts and this is one that I've been thinking about a couple weeks I'm thinking this should be a good one :mjgrin: I lowkey can't choose :ehh: so without further ado, who you got? Vanity or...
  2. B

    BAD Season 2: Day 56 - Rank Cape Verdean women!!!(African yellowbones)

    Yesterday's Results Afro-Puerto Rican women-8.725 This time for day 55 things were different this time around for Afro-Boriqua where the coli rated them a great score of 8.725, a BIIIIIIGGGG leap from last season's score of 7.731! This time the Coli felt there was much better pictures posted...
  3. Razor Reader

    Somebody tell me what's up with Charleston, South Carolina...

    ... it's been years since I've been there. I mean decades. What's what is there to do in Charleston these days? And what are the females looking like out there?
  4. B

    BAD Season 2: Day 10 - Rank Afro-Colombian women!!!!(for #ForiegnGang)

    Yesterday's Results Swazi women-8.103 For day 9 women from Swaziland gathered a very decent score of 8.103, slightly better than the score they got last season. And while they did not take top spot on the leaderboard, I was still quite surprised that MANY on the Coli found them to be of their...
  5. B

    BAD Season 2: Day 8 - Rank North Sudanese women(ALLAH IS GOOD) صوت الان

    Yesterday's Results Malian women-8.483 For day 7 Malian women were able to pull of a great score of 8.483, taking second place in the leaderboard. The Coli felt that Malian women have #facetime on lock along with how beautifully they dressed. However, descendants of Mansa Musa were not enough...