1. Asante

    Never Forget; Black People Kicked White Citizens Asses In Tulsa Until Troopers Came

    Now while no one denies the atrocities that came after the defense breakdown, some things are not being talked about publically when it comes to this event. As a teenager and young man, I would look at the story, and always noticed that holes and contradicitions...If a white mob of 10,000 came...
  2. MischievousMonkey

    Fighting the Slave Trade: West African Strategies

    I've wanted to read it for a long time, and finally received it. Aside note: I'm thinking on doing, in the Root section, some review threads on different pieces that are not often discussed like that on the internet mainly because of accessibility (for example, most of the historical resources...
  3. Jimi Swagger

    The Power of Cherokee Women

    "She Speaks for Her Clan" painting by Dorothy Sullivan, Cherokee. Cover image on Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835 (Indians of the Southeast), by Theda Perdue The Power of Cherokee Women By mid-18th century, many Cherokee men and women realized that their survival depended on...
  4. Jimi Swagger

    This underground railroad took slaves to freedom in Mexico

    A Border Patrol agent looks at the Rio Grande river with Mexico on the left and the US on the right from a railroad bridge in Laredo, Texas on May 2, 2006. Agents often patrol for migrants trying to illegally enter the country. At another time in history, the US government was trying to keep...
  5. Jimi Swagger

    Missouri v. Celia, a Slave: She killed the white master raping her, then claimed self-defense

    Celia was facing the gallows when she went on trial in 1855 for the murder of the white slave owner who had been raping her. She warned the white slave owner that the rapes had to stop. Celia, 19, had endured five years of assaults by Robert Newsom, the Missouri widower in his 70s who’d...
  6. Quasi

    Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: A Progressive Professor Who Forgot To Hide Her Racism

    She wears a safety pin so everyone knows she’s an ally for minorities. Her cover photo has a Black power fist. She regularly discusses her love for the Obamas, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and her admonishment for this current administration. However, I would soon realize that nothing would...