1. JadeB

    2022 Rio de Janeiro Carnival

    Seems Cacc-ier this year than usual though :francis:
  2. Sithlord Piff

    These Rio street parties look more social than the club scene in the staten

    I dont know...being surrounded by afrocentric murals and live drum beats, everybody V.I.P. no pretentious bottle poppin, no clicked up circles of females too stuck up get up to mingle..everything centered aound money and who's spending the most of it...this is the atmosphere I would...
  3. Pdiddy

    What was that shyt yall said bout Klay Thompson?

    :shaq: What he got...bout 30,lol
  4. S

    Team USA basketball players accidentally ends up at Brazilian brothel

  5. L

    Footage of Athlete Rooms in Olympic Village in Rio

  6. Archangel

    Body Parts Found Near Olympic Site in Rio

    :what::why::snoop: Rio Olympics: Body parts wash up on volleyball beach - It seems like this years Olympic disasters will have athletes.................... All torn up... :snoop:
  7. Remote

    2016 Olympics in Rio

    There are a lot of sports and story lines to follow at the Olympics this summer. 100 Meters with Usain Bolt. Michael Phelps' last swim. American gymnastics team. The USA basketball team. One of the less-discussed sports is wrestling. It's not very big in the USA. But keep an eye out for Jordan...