sean garrett

  1. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Breakfast Club: Sean Garrett Talks Producing "Still Over It", Writing For Beyonce + More

    This dude's writing credits catalogue :wow:
  2. Playaz Eyez

    Remember when Alex Da Kid tried tanking Nicki’s first single?

    :gucci::gucci: What the fukk was this??? Sean Garrett was also a co-producer on this, but the song was so bad and underperformed so terribly that it had him like “:whoa:it wasn’t just me, I did all I could:damn:” :laff: The beat was all over the place and Nicki tried her hardest to make...
  3. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Quiet as kept that Nicki Minaj- 'Massive Attack' instrumental is one of the hardest beats ever

    Man this beat is so ahead of it's time it's crazy. I always fukked with this record from the time I heard it back in the day. I'm not sure if you guys have headphones but this record is crazy. The percussion, breaths, clicks and shakers. This is lowkey Neptunes on steroids. Yall agree ...
  4. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    music producer Sean Garrett had a hair transplant, now he don't know how to act on the gram

    nikka went from: and wearing hats 24/7, to THIS in 2019: you couldnt tell this nikka to wear a hat now :mjlol: Lebron must me sick to be the only celebrity with the WOAT hair transplant results :dead: