1. B

    Is it forbidden in the wrestling industry to use the words "Real" & "Fake"?

    You hardly ever hear it. In podcasts, in YouTube interviews, a lot of wrestling dorks on the internet, & I take it it's like that backstage too. So let's say if Angelo Dawkins gets into it with somebody does he have to say "I'm a shoot nıgga fam, keep that work shıt from round me."? Or do...
  2. Rhapscallion Démone

    We all need to come together right now

    And collectively beat the shyt out of 2020
  3. J

    Lets read: Creating the MANIA (

    Okay bois, i've done this on some other forums and wanted to bring this here. Maybe you are interested, maybe not. Hopefully this sparks some conversation: I recently purchased the very exciting WWE-branded book "Creating the Mania" and since it seems to be half kayfabe half shoot, I thought it...
  4. Hansen Guns

    Hansen Guns

    Hansen shooting pedophiles
  5. Marlo Barksdale

    Best Of Blocboy JB (Hottest Rapper In Memphis)

    Blocboy JB is the hottest rapper in Memphis by far and Drake actually came to the city last night to debut their song together. You can kind of call him a mix of mixtape Gucci Mane with the antics of early Soulja Boy (in a good way). Don't get it twisted tho, he can spit and make catchy songs...
  6. Dillah810

    Al Snow Explains What a "Jobber" Is

    Did any of yall know this was the real definition of a jobber?
  7. GoddamnyamanProf

    Big Stevie Ray Shoots on Women's Wrestling, Harsh Realites for Chyna, MYC, Chargoat and more

    2:00 Damn why he have to do Joanie like that? :picard: Smug cac host got on my nerves, reminds me of a few tsc posters
  8. Berniewood Hogan

    Sandow really was in developmental for a long time, brother

    Collar and elbow tie up, quick heat, high spot, go home.:ohhh: Even a fast soft handshake right at the start.:mjpls:
  9. J

    Timeline: History of WWE - 2007 - Told by Swoggle

  10. Berniewood Hogan

    Shoot thread: How long has wrestling been a work???

    READ THIS, BROTHER! Journal of Manly Arts Money reasons to fix outcomes...:ohhh: Brehs had gimmicks...:ohhh: :ohhh:Working? :ohhh:Vanilla midget jabrones...? GIMMICK MATCH?????:ohhh: :ohhh:Worked the crowd and built to a rematch??????? Indy neck bump?????!!!!!!:ohhh: :ohhh:Mystery...
  11. GPBear

    Was Spiderman vs. Bonesaw a Shoot, Brehs?

    :jbhmm: I don't know what wrestling company spends thousands of dollars on ring girls, extra microphones, a giant steel cage with machinery in place to latch it together -- and not any money for one of the jobber's costumes. Let alone how much it would cost to have Bruce Campbell be your ring...
  12. The American

    How would all the Wrestlemania Main Events have gone down if they were MMA shoot fights?

    Pick whichever WM main events you want and tell us how they would have transpired if they were MMA fights in the Octagon. For example, does SCSA still beat the Rock at Wm 15 and 17? Obviously VKM can't interfere this time. Does Hulk still get all those Ws? Does Cena still make HHH tapout to...
  13. WhiteWidow

    [NEW] LiL Durk - Shoot Sum

    Stream & Download Lil Durk - Shoot Sum Mp3 Download
  14. MushroomX

    2 Cold Gremlin shoots on the ECW Pumpkin; calls him a Smidget

    Video Outline 2 Cold Scorpio was chill with everyone except Taz Calls him a Smidget when he got furious for wearing "his" colors Taz threatens to suplex him to death, Scorpio ain't impressed because of his Japan days