1. R

    Police Chase With A Hijacked UPS Truck Leads To A Deadly Shootout In South Florida!

    Police for some reason decided to shoot up the truck in a traffic jam with innocent pedestrians all around and using their cars as shields. Not to mention they were shooting in to the truck with the UPS driver that was being held hostage. Everyone in the truck ended up dead...
  2. King Static X

    Heat (1995) is a GREAT movie

    Pacino, De Niro & Val Kilmer all in one movie :blessed: :banderas:. That shootout scene is straight fire:bustback:. Anyone else agree? :datazz:
  3. ManxOfxThexYear

    "Ain't Nothing Like A Shootout In the Redneck Of The Woods" Raiders vs. Titans Thread

  4. M

    RIP: 2 Coli Members Meet in Person to Settle E-Beef & Have A DUEL/SHOOTOUT

    Mfers always on here talmbout "Pullup" posting they locations talkin tough...eventually somebody gonna pullup :manny: RIP to both of these idiots :mjcry: oh yeah, happened in St. Augustine, FL

    Shoot out at Lee St Gas Station in Atlanta Ga!! Choppas Came Out!!